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Owner FAQs


How is my property marketed for rental?

Your property is aggressively marked in the local databases that is accessible to all other Realtors and all the major Real Estate websites such as Zillow, Trulia,, etc. Additionally, for some vacant properties we utilize a self-showing service to provide better convenience for prospective tenants, which also helps to rent the home more quickly.


How often will you inspect my property?

We perform maintenance surveys twice a year. One is conducted in the Fall and one in the Spring.


How can I be sure I’m getting a good tenant?

We provide thorough tenant screening, which includes a credit check, criminal background check, eviction history, employment verification and rental history verification.


What if the tenant decides not to pay the rent?

Between the 6th and the 8th of the month a default notice is sent to the tenant, which is equivalent to a five day notice to pay or vacate. That notice provides VHS Property Management with the authority to file an unlawful detainer should that become necessary.


Where does the tenant’s security deposit go?

All deposits are held by VHS Property Management in a separate escrow account.


How will I be informed about repairs made to my property?

Because each Landlord authorizes VHS Property Management to make repairs under $500, they do not contact the owner for any repair under $500. We manage the maintenance situation as necessary and then send a notification to the homeowner that an invoice was paid on their behalf. That invoice is then accessible to be viewed in the Owner’s Portal. However, owners are notified and authorization is required for larger maintenance and repair issues.


What if there is an emergency?

First, VHS Management will act quickly and manage the emergency. Once the issue is addressed we will contact you, typically with a phone call in the event of a serious problem.

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