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Explainer: What Do Property Management Fees Cover

Choosing the best property management company for you starts with knowing what to look for.

Explainer: What Do Property Management Fees Cover
Explainer: What Do Property Management Fees Cover

As a property owner, you should expect consistent property surveys, quality and timely repairs, transparent fees, thorough tenant screening, and superb responsiveness. Your property management company should care about your costs and be committed to presenting the best quality property to prospective tenants. If your current property management company does not offer this level of service then it is time for you to switch. Below is a quick hit list covering what should be included in your management fee (for full-service property management).

Core Services You Should Expect From Your Property Manager

1. Collection and disbursements of the security deposit to tenants

2. Coordinating maintenance/repair for the property and payment of all invoices

3. Electronic deposits to landlords

4. Electronic property survey report

5. Filing court documents in connection with evictions and court representation

6. Handling tenant calls, tenant violations, and enforcing the lease

7. IRS Form 1009 processing and year-end income/expenses statements

8. Monthly income/ expense statement

9. Move-in reports that include 100+ Photos and detailed reports

10. Move out inspections

11. Online owner access to documents and accounts through an owner portal

12. Preparing property for tenants

13. Provide 24/7/365 emergency response services

14. Rental collection

To learn more about our Culpeper, Gainesville, and Warrenton property management program visit our Property Management page.

If you are interested in a Free Rental Market Analysis simply fill out our online form for a complimentary assessment of your property’s rental value.

For more updates and information from VHS Property Management follow our blog and find us on Facebook @vhsmanagement.

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