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senior home maintenance program near me

We handle the care of your aging loved ones property.

Are you frustrated with trying to help your parents or grandparents keep up their home? Struggling to find the free time to help your parents with lawn care, home repair, leaf and snow removal, house cleaning, and more? Or maybe you’re an aging senior that doesn’t have family close by and need help with things around the house. Are you finding it difficult to coordinate house repairs and seasonal maintenance but not sure who you can trust? You are not alone.

We are Best of the Best in Culpeper 3 years in a row!

About Our Senior Home Maintenance Program

We work with families to build a program suited to your needs.

Getting old is not something anyone has control over and no other place feels like home except our own home!

How do we cope with maintaining a healthy home even as we age? VHS Property Management understands and we developed a program to support seniors who wish to age in place and need help managing the maintenance around their house. First, remind ourselves why most seniors prefer living in their own homes. Think about it, no matter what your age is right now, let us empathize and show some compassion for our senior citizens. Here are some reasons why seniors wish to age in place.

Why Seniors Want to Age in Place

Don't want to feel cast off: Nobody wants to feel unwanted. Removing a loved one from the security and comfort of the only home they have known for years can make them feel discarded. Moving into a nursing home is not only a major adjustment for many seniors, but they also view it as being cast off from society.

Nursing homes are a big change: Certainly, moving is stressful on the body and the mind and a nursing home is a major change. Many seniors are reluctant to leave behind cherished neighbors and their family home filled with fond memories.

Fear: It is common for seniors to experience fears such as the possibility of inadequate care conditions, fear of developing illnesses, fear of the unknown, fear of change, and fear of loneliness.

New rules: Like anybody, seniors desire to live by their own rules. According to “In Your Home”, 42% of seniors regard this as one of their top three reasons for staying in their current residences. Seniors will lose some of their control if they move into an assisted living facility.

Don't want to lose freedom: Some freedom and independence is inevitably lost as people get older. Seniors may find it more difficult to complete certain duties on their own due such as personal care or home duties. This can lead to feelings of anger, embarrassment, and/or hopelessness.  

Home maintenance tasks get more difficult with age.

Of course, with age things like home maintenance become more difficult to manage. Seniors may start avoiding tasks around the house simply because they are no longer comfortable doing them, mainly due to the risk of major injuries. This can lead to serious home maintenance issues.

​Mowing the lawn: When the grass gets longer we've got to cut it (many HOAs require it), but getting out to mow the lawn gets more difficult the older we get. Factors such as outdoor temperature, size of yard, weeding and more can be very difficult for seniors to manage.

Snow removal: When it snows, we have to remove it. This can be challenging for seniors and result in aches and pains and even serious injury such as a slip and fall.

Cleaning: General cleaning such as vacuuming, tidying, changing bed linens, washing the dishes, taking out the garbage, doing laundry, and scrubbing the toilets can be cumbersome and difficult for seniors.

Description of Services

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How Onboarding Works

How VHS Management will handle the onboarding of your home into our Senior Management Program

  • Fill out Property Information Form about your property and familiarize ourselves with your property

  • Complete an Initial Visual Survey observing any repairs/maintenance needed

  • Set up any reoccurring services that are needed (see below)

  • General account set up

What Clients Say About Us

“VHS recently started a program for seniors. I love it. I live out of state, and knowing that my Dad can call someone for any sort of repair or issue around the house is a huge relief for me. They screen their vendors, so I don't have to worry about any goofiness happening.”

-Joe P., VHS Client

Yearly Base Subscription Fee Includes

Our monthly services include: Management, Bookkeeping, Monthly/Yearly Financial Statements, Document Retention, 24/7 Emergency Call Service, Home Maintenance and Repair Coordination and
Yearly Inspection by Third Party.



Monthly/Yearly Financial Statements

Document Retention

24/7 Emergency Call Service

**Invoice Surcharge Applies To

Maintenance and Repair Invoices

Yearly Inspection by Third Party

Reoccurring Services Offered (Optional)

Lawn/Landscape Care & Snow Removal

Pool/Hot Tub Care

House Cleaning

Pest Control

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Yearly Inspection by Third Party (Optional):

Catch problems before they become a major problem. This optional service entails a thorough visual property inspection once a year by a professional home inspection company to give peace of mind that your property is in good shape. An inspection report will be prepared and provided to the owner. *optional service

Breathe a sigh of relief!
You're in good hands with VHS property management.

We take the worry of home maintenance and repairs off your shoulders. We work closely with you and your family to provide the oversight, reliability and transparency you need to help make sure your home and family are taken care of. We provide contractors, inspections, 24/7 emergency call service, and much more to ensure your loved one's home is in good hands.

helping aging parents with home maintena

Let Us Customize a Senior Management

Program for You.

Your situation is unique and so is our management program. Let us customize a program to fit your needs today.

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