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Owner Resources

Welcome to VHS Property Management homeowners! At VHS Property Management, we always put our owners’ best interest first. If you would like to access your account simply click owner login or on the link below. From this secure page you can view your personal property data. It is our pleasure to serve you and we truly appreciate your confidence in us.

Let Us Be Your Guide

For some property owners, transitioning into property management is a difficult adjustment due to emotional ties to the home. At VHS Property Management, we understand and help guide you through the rental process and give you the sound advice you need along the way. We like to say that “when you hire us, you have turned your home into a business.” It is VHS Property Management’s job to run that business for you and make it as profitable as possible. The management of your property must be approached with that mindset. We have a vested interest in making your property profitable along with ensuring the business runs smoothly with minimal costs.

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Your Home Value

We have a meticulous method for determining the value of your home. Our analyses are seasonal and on demand. We compare similar properties that have rented in the past and depending on the time of year, prices may be adjusted accordingly. We also factor in the number of current rentals available in a given area. Our goal is always to get top dollar for your rental property and to attract the best tenants.

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What Your Management Fee Includes

Collection and Disbursement of Security Deposit to Tenants

Coordinating Maintenance/Repairs for the Property and Payment of all Invoices 

Electronic Deposits to Landlords

Electronic Property Survey Reports

Filing Court Documents in connection with Evictions and Court Representation

Handling Tenant Calls, Tenant Violations and Enforcing the Lease

IRS Form 1099 Processing & Year End Income/ Expense Statements

Monthly Income/Expense Statements

Move-In Reports that Include 100+ Photos and Detailed Reports

Move-Out Inspections

Online Owner Access to Documents and Accounts Through an Owner Portal

Preparing Property for Tenants

Provide 24/7/365 Emergency Response Service

Rental Collection

Landlord Responsibilities

Dollar Bill in Jar

Minimum Balance

$500.00 for Maintenance and Repairs


Providing Funds

When There is a Deficit to Your Account




  • Mortgage Payments

  • HOA Payments

  • Insurance

  • Property Taxes

Our Lease

We use the standard Virginia Association of Realtors Lease with added addendums. The first Addendum tightens accountability and adds additional criteria to further protect you, the property owner. For example, insurance, handling of smoke detectors, instances of power outage, pets and more. The Second, Security Deposit Addendum, is added to remind tenants of their responsibilities upon move-out. In the event of a court case, all cases are heard in the County of Culpeper. We use this location because it is a smaller venue and our cases can be heard in a shorter timeframe than the larger counties.

Our Leasing Service Includes

Lease Preparation and Signing

Detailed preparation and organization of the lease agreement and coordination of signing by adults who will be living on the property.

Leasing Through Licensed Realtors

We have great partnerships and an extensive network of local Real Estate Agents who are happy to assist with our leasing process.

Comprehensive Marketing

Photos, Yard Signs, and Detailed MLS Listings and Marketing Through our Local Multiple Listing Service & Major Real Estate Websites

Thorough Tenant Screening

  • Credit, Criminal, Eviction

  • Employment Verification

  • Rental History Verification

Tenant Screening

We use a standard rental application process and we screen tenants using a scoring matrix with the minimum being 12 points. There are several categories within our system that allow for point scoring and the total points are tallied at the end. This method allows us to use several factors to determine eligibility, and provides a more inclusive rental application process. Cosigners are also welcome however, certain factors such as past rental debts and evictions result in an automatic denial of the application.

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“Working with VHS Management over the years has been great! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a hassle free property manager with tons of experience. They bring you the solutions, not the problems. Very professional!!”

“They have been so great to me and I have no real worries with their management. I know they will be economical with repairs. I trust them. I am even out of state and trust them. Thank you bunches Karen and staff!!!”

- Barbara S.

“The staff at VHS Management were a great help in purchasing my rental property. Following the purchase they assisted me with finding quality tenants and if I was having trouble collecting from tenants they helped me out with that as well.”

- Mario C.

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