Karen managed the rental of my house in Culpeper for many years under VHS Property management. This was done efficiently and professionally and with timely communication. Karen was helpful and prompt in addressing any concerns or questions I may have had. Karen subsequently listed and sold my house. She assessed the market value and ensured it was listed at, and procured a sale price, that I believe was the highest and best in the current market. The entire process was handled professionally and I felt confident that Karen was representing my best interests as Seller. I would recommend Karen as an agent to anyone thinking of listing their property for rent or for sale.

Dan D.

VHS makes it easy. Karen and team have methods and systems in place to ensure your property is well looked after, and they seem to have a knack for finding quality tenants. I managed two rentals on my own for a while, and finding good tenants was very difficult. VHS is now managing one of my properties, and after the initial work and setup, she quickly found a tenant and everything is great. Instead of lots of hassles, I just see the monthly direct deposit in my account. VHS handles everything else. I was apprehensive at the start, never having worked with a property management firm, but now I plan to turn over the second property to VHS to manage.

Brandon B.

I’ve been a client of Karen’s for a while now, in purchasing properties, finding (high quality) tenants, and managing the properties. VHS is an extremely professional and efficient company, when something needs to get done, it gets done. I also love being able to use the online portal to keep track of all necessary documents for my rental, it keeps me organized so I can focus on other things!

Kimberley B.

VHS has been our management company for 4 years. The number one thing that we like about VHS is that we don’t have to worry about the property. They provided us with solutions to whatever issues that came up with the property. Tonia and Karen are professional at all times.

Barbara S.

They have been so great to me and I have no real worries with their management. I know they will be economical with repairs. I trust them. I am even out of state and trust them. Thank you bunches Karen and staff!!!

Debby W.

I was a client of Karen Souder’s for over three years and there was never a moment of concern regarding her managing my property. She found perfect tenants and was both reliable and professional. I highly recommend VHS if you are looking to have your one family home or large apartment complex managed. Perfect experience.

Patrick P.

Have never had an issue and VHS Management is an extremely thorough property management company.

Mario C.

The staff at VHS Management were a great help in purchasing my rental property. Following the purchase they assisted me with finding quality tenants and if I was having trouble collecting from tenants they helped me out with that as well.

Daniel N.

A very reliable management company to work with. Provides great service.


Working with VHS Management over the years has been great! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a hassle free property manager with tons of experience. They bring you the solutions, not the problems. Very professional!!

Bill E.

VHS Property Management is very efficient and quick to find good tenants.

Rich I.

I highly recommend VHS Property Management. Karen and her team are outstanding!”

Lucy H.

VHS Property Management has a strong knowledge of the area.

Len W.

I would not hesitate to call up VHS Management and ask for their services, they do a great job.

Mike K.

Hands off management, very seldom I had to be involved. Highly recommend Karen.

Beverly R.

Great management team.

Soria P.

My father was happy with Karen’s management expertise and we recommend her to anyone.

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