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5 Eminent Rental Property Investment Tips For Greater Piedmont Area Investors

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Investing in rental properties is an excellent way to grow wealth both through passive income and tax advantages. Generally, this remains one of the top industries with the wealthiest people globally. But the truth is, most investors find it hard to buy a particular rental property despite being an enjoyable investment.

5 Eminent Rental Property Investment Tips For Greater Piedmont Area Investors
5 Eminent Rental Property Investment Tips For Greater Piedmont Area Investors

When thinking about investing in rental property, make sure you understand how this sector works to invest wisely and make it more profitable. So, how do you get started with rental property investing in the Greater Piedmont area? Here are top five rental property investment tips for beginner real estate investors.


People invest in rental properties for three prime reasons: own property, generate income, and speculate swift investments. If you intend to own property, consider location, market trends, and associated factors to get the right deal. Generally, investors looking to own rental properties focus on capitalizing on this investment for more future profits.

On the other hand, those aiming to generate income or invest quickly need to be more innovative. This means investing in a rental property that falls within a specified budget range. For instance, if the market starts to increase, you can make more money when buying and selling rental homes. Therefore, timing is everything to avoid losses — especially when the market is at the peak.


When planning to buy a rental property, ensure you have adequate financing options to stay lucrative. Also, you should be ready for long-term investments to generate even more profits over time. Because most rental properties in the Greater Piedmont area require a certain percentage of down payment to qualify for an insured mortgage, you need to have adequate funds at hand.

Unlike other real estate investments, rental properties are considered riskier; hence, they include strict mortgage loan guidelines. More so, add appraisal costs and other legal fees within your budget once you are ready to make a purchase. This helps you avoid additional charges likely to affect your finances when purchasing rental properties.

Furthermore, more resources could be needed after you have bought your property. This includes maintenance costs in case of repairs or property upgrades. It is a common trend in rental structures before you start enjoying profits in the long run.


When shopping for a rental property, consider choosing and owning a worthwhile investment. Look into economic factors such as the community and if the neighborhood is in need of rental homes. Evaluate the crime rate and avoid the cheapest properties because they mean lesser rent and a deteriorating location.

Besides, the rental property should be in an area where there's good infrastructure. Thus, it should be easy to access essential facilities such as hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and recreation areas. If you are managing the property, consider distance and how long it takes you to get there. Other key aspects include the condition of the property, basement suite, and maintenance costs.


Rental properties come with a set of responsibilities to the owner: loud tenants, late rents, dealing with frequent repairs and paperwork. When preparing to invest in any rental property, decide if you are able or willing to handle the duties of a landlord.

Though there is an alternative to hiring a property manager, it can cost you even more.

Before investing in rental properties, take your time to decide if you are ready to deal with your tenants. Remember, the goal is to earn enough from your investments and increase wealth. While you may consider buying and selling rental properties on a regular basis, there is a point where you need to interact with your tenants.


After deciding the rental property that you will purchase, look into your investment's income probability. Primarily, this is determined by the current market trends, especially in the locale your property is situated. Some areas can cope with inflation, while others experience challenges in the rental market.

Here, calculate the total amount of profits you expect to get every month. Always deduct any costs incurred in maintenance practices to learn about your benefits. If the results are positive, then it means a steady cash flow, and you should invest in it. However, if you are likely to run into losses or with a low-profit margin, consider investing in other rental properties.


Here at VHS Property Management/The Real Estate Store, we understand the value of investing in rental properties. We know purchasing a rental home in the Greater Piedmont area is an excellent investment for you as an investor. However, working with professionals helps you get more insights into the entire acquisition process and get the best deals. For more information regarding investing in rental properties, contact us at 540-825-8100 today!


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