When Mom & Dad want to Age in Place and how to help them

When Mom & Dad have the desire to age in place, it can be a very difficult adjustment for you. It's one thing to watch them age and grow old, but another entirely to be responsible for their care when they are unable or unwilling to do so on their own, and you don't have time because of your jobs or busy work schedules.

VHS Property Management understands, and we've developed a senior home maintenance program to support seniors who prefer to age at home and need assistance with home maintenance.

Benefits of Aging at home

Many benefits come with your loved ones aging at home:

  • Privacy – Their lifestyle is confidential

  • Affordable – Costs less than condo fees

  • Flexibility – Family, friends, and grandchildren can visit whenever they want

  • Pets stay at home with seniors.

  • Independence – They will feel more independent, which helps reduce stress and anxiety about being alone.

  • Their Health – Less Exposure to contagious illness and outbreaks

You can help them stay active by doing chores or taking them out on walks. It will allow them more time for themselves and their friends/family members who visit often.

However, there are also some risks associated with this decision:

The task of maintaining a home becomes more challenging as we age. As seniors age, they may become less and less comfortable doing tasks around the house, mainly due to the risk of major injury. And sometimes, you may be unable to help them because of your busy lives to run over to your parent's house to mow the lawn or help clean or take care of a home maintenance issue.

This can lead to serious home maintenance issues. That's why we offer a service to help support Senior Citizens living at home.

VHS Property Management services offer all types of home maintenance care in Culpeper and surrounding.

We offer a wide range of home maintenance services, including but not limited to:

  • Grass cutting

  • General home maintenance

  • Year-round property maintenance

  • Residential and commercial snow plowing

  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning

With professional training and experience, our staff can take care of all your home maintenance needs, allowing you or your loved ones more time for themselves.

In case you or a senior family member needs home maintenance services or modifications for aging in place, contact our team today.

How The Process Works

Our Senior Management Program onboarding process goes like this:

  • Setup general account.

  • Fill out our Property Information Form and let us know how your property works.

  • Make an initial visual inspection to determine which repairs/maintenance are needed.

  • Set up any recurring services you need.

When you or your loved ones need a little help to remain independent at home, we at VHS Property Management are dedicated to helping you achieve that goal with respect and dignity.

Aging at home IS possible, so let us help you and your loved ones stay independent.

Get in touch with us today! Call 540.825.8100 or email us at info@vhsmanagement.com to learn more about our property management services. For more updates and information from VHS Property Management follow our blog and find us on Facebook @vhsmanagement.

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